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Team Biographies

Hi - I'm Kerry Noonan, the founder of Dance4Treats Pets and below you will see me pictured with my beloved dogs, Kit (on the left) and Caya (on the right). Both are rescue dogs hailing from our neighboring state of Alabama.

I've lived in Atlanta for 45 of my 48 years, am the proud mother of two beautiful sons (ages 13 and 16), and currently reside in Decatur.

I have my BBA from Emory University and have always had an undeniable entrepreneurial streak.

My sport as a child was horseback riding so I have always been surrounded by animals big and small!

Kerry Noonan
Kerry Noonan
Kerry Kit & Caya

I am also a dedicated foster Mom for Midsouth Eskie Alliance, an American Eskimo rescue in TN. A link is provided below to see more of their beautiful adoptable dogs. Please see my current foster dog Edward pictured below. He is a sweetheart pictured here snuggling with my son Holden. ADOPTED YEAH!

Ed, Sir Edward, Eddie, Edward Scissorhands Shadow

Hi I'm Amanda Jones!  I have lived in Atlanta for nearly 10 years now.  I am an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for DeKalb County and a part time Philosophy student at GSU.  More importantly, I am a mother to an incredible 5 year old human and two big ol’ lovely rescue pups!  I absolutely love animals and have an extensive history of working with and learning from them.   Growing up, I worked with horses, dogs, cats and even cows.My past experience includes working as a stable hand, veterinary assistant and pet sitter for animals big and small.In addition, I have worked with the Humane Society as an animal advocate and aided in rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina.  I feel deeply connected to animals and believe that it is our responsibility as humans to be their guardians, caregivers and companions.  The best days
are ones filled with furry friends!"

Hi I'm John Lucas!
My name is John Lucas. I currently work with veterans as a nurse assistant.
I enjoying cooking, gardening, late Roman history, and catching as many naps
with my dogs as I can!

Hi my name is Shelby Corbett!
 I'm 23 years old and I was raised on a horse farm in rural North Carolina, but spent the last 4 years in Savannah, GA, getting my degree in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I worked my way through college as a tour guide at Historic Savannah Carriage Tours and horses are still a huge passion of mine. My Dad got me my first dog (a Dalmatian) when I was 2 years old and I never looked back. I've owned dogs ranging from kind hearted Pitbulls to spunky Teacup Poodles. I am currently the proud Momma of 3 beautiful dogs: a three year old Dachshund, a two year old Boxer/Collie mix, and a one year old Pit mix. The four of us, as well as my human companion, are new to the Decatur area and couldn't be more excited!

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