Dance4Treats Pets - Pet care to meet your individual needs.
Services, Pricing & Policies
  • New Client Meet & Greet . . . FREE
          20 min visit to go over routine, pick up keys etc...
  • Mid-Day Dog Walks (M-F) . . . $16/visit for 1st pet, $2/ea add pet
          25-30 min visit to include walk, exercise,potty break,boredom breaker :)

* For cancellation of service, 24 hour notice is required or the client will be billed the rate of one visit. Any cancellations made after 7 am on the day of a scheduled service or series of services are non-refundable. All remaining paid services will be given a credit and can be used for future services. 
* The preferred method of payment is Venmo which is free to both parties. Automatic bank transfer, cash of check is also an option.
* 2 copies of keys must be submitted at the meet & greet to be kept on file. This is to include any key fobs/alarm codes etc...
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